Hi, Friend.

It’s early again. 8:15 AM, to be exact. I’m happy it’s Friday, just because I want to stay up late and I can’t do that during the work week. Not that I have plans for the weekend, but it’s okay.

It’s an old friend’s birthday today. I sent her an old picture of us cuddling with an ice pack, she and I used to be so freaking close. I miss having her in my life. She was a really shitty friend at some points, but nonetheless, we had some really great times from middle school to high school. It makes me really nostalgic.. I miss how my life used to be…

I stand to the side and root for so many of my old friends. I hope they’re all doing well. I wish I wouldn’t have lost contact with some of them, but I guess that’s growing up.

I’m kind of stressed because I have to start packing up the apartment that my fiance and I live in. We’re moving into my grandma’s/sister’s house. It was my grandma’s, then she moved in with my dad, so he let my one sister and her husband live there as a wedding present, and now they’re moving to Oregon… we live in Ohio for reference. It just sucks because I moved to Florida with my other sister and my fiance (he was my boyfriend at the time) straight out of high school in August of 2014, then moved back home in June 2015, then moved to the apartment in October 2015, and now here we are again, moving. I am excited to get out of the dang apartment, though. Plus, my dad’s gonna be our landlord and that’s just gonna be great.

I think we’ll probably throw a party this weekend, it’s supposed to be nice, and I just don’t want to be sober if I don’t have to be… and I only have to be sober a little bit on Saturday. AND I have Monday off, so there’s options. I love having options.

If you’re wondering where the friends come from for the party, it’s mainly my fiance’s friends. I like most of them… but that’s a story for another time.

Well, I guess I’ll stop here because now I’m just rambling… I’ll probably write again later… I hope that isn’t annoying.