Hi, Friend.

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. My weeks go by so fast.

Life’s been hectic. Trying to get ready for our big move and such.

I’m over it, I stress out so easily. Shout out to weed for calming me down most of the time.

I rolled a blunt yesterday, it’s been a while since I’ve last rolled one.. I used to be SO good at it, but I’ve slightly lost my touch and I’m lowkey upset about it.

I spend most of my days at “work” (watching my 95 year old grandma) watching judge shows. I don’t mind it, I think I could make a good judge, but I also think it would take too long to get to that status.

My dad listens to Rush Limbaugh. Not just him, but Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and that dumb O’Riley guy. It makes me mad because all of them are stupid and awful bigots. I wish my dad wasn’t so conservative. It makes it hard because I don’t think he’s realized that I’m a liberal… and he talks so much shit on liberals (as conservatives do).

Okay, I don’t need to talk about politics.

I’m watching my grandma from 7:45 this morning until 10 tonight. I’m thankful I’m just at my dad’s house though, that makes it nice.

I don’t even really have anything important to say… so that’s about it.