Hi, Friend.

I’m sick, again. I’m so over being sick. I’m pretty sure it’s another sinus infection. What a fun time I’m having.

Fiance and I are also in a money bind. I still haven’t gotten paid from my new job because I technically haven’t started yet. So that means we just have his income and haven’t gotten paid since two weeks ago. It’s really rough.

I’m tired and stressed out. I don’t even know what to do anymore. I’m trying to keep up with life, but life is just going too fast.

I’ll be 21 in 11 days. That’s insane to me. Time is really, really flying. I feel like my thoughts are stoned, even though I’m not.

I need a blunt.

Anyway, just a check in.

Until next time,




Hi, friend.

It’s been about 27 days since I last wrote to you, life has been hectic.. I don’t even know where to start…

Well, I technically “lost” my job of watching my grandma because she fell and broke her pelvis (on my dad’s time, not while I was watching her), and now she’s in a rehab place.. so for about 2-ish weeks now, I’ve been unemployed, which means only Fiance’s income.. so it’s been really rough, we have so many bills and we FINALLY got some groceries in the house last week.

I did, though, get a new job. I work at a church daycare now, in the 3-4 year old room. But right now I’m in my ‘shadowing’ period which means that I’m kind of observing to make sure this is something I want to do. I only have had one day of shadowing, and my next day is tomorrow. But the director of the program really likes me, and said that instead of a week of shadowing (did I mention that shadowing is unpaid????), I can just do two days,  and if I want to continue, after two days we’ll start my paperwork and training. So that’s pretty cool. I will, though, only be making minimum wage… which is only $8.15 an hour.. definitely a lot less than the $500 a week I was making watching my grandma. But right now, I’ll take anything I can get.

Fiance and I are finally getting settled into our new place. We moved in a little less than a month ago.  A ton of stuff is still in boxes… but we’re getting there. It’s pretty cool living in a house… but it’s nerve wrecking when we only have one income currently… bills, bills, bills. Stressful as could be.

Then, Fiance and I nearly broke up two nights ago. Everything I’ve been holding in has finally came out… so here’s to hoping that things change, on both of our ends, or else this will be the end of us. How sad, honestly.

I did get another friend, though. Well, an old friend that is now a friend again. So that’s nice, we’re pretty close again and I appreciate that.

I haven’t been smoking too much, either. I think it’s because living next door to my dad is kind of scary.. even though my dad told me we can do shrooms together when he retires at the end of this year. Yeaaahhhh, Dad!

I’m going to try to start writing again. Life isn’t THAT busy, so here’s to hoping it works.

Thanks for always listening.