Hi, Friend.

It’s 10:37 AM on Tuesday. It’s been a few days since I’ve wrote, I had a busy weekend.

I had jury duty today *hard eye roll*. What a pain. Here’s a good story for you…

So, I’m driving around trying to find parking for the courthouse, mind you, I’ve lived in this city for 19 of my 20 years here on this earth.. yet I couldn’t tell you (before today) which building was the courthouse (even though it’s called COURTHOUSE SQUARE.. and it’s the only building in the yard….) So I parked on the wrong side of the square, parked badly (parallel parking? Really? Aren’t we past that as a civilization?), and ran across the yard because it was 8:38 and I had to be there at 8:45 (I freak out and get bad panic attacks if I think I’m going to be late).

So I go into the courthouse, they send my purse through the metal thingy and I walked through the metal detector. Then I followed two nice ladies who knew where they were going. We’re waiting in line to be checked in, and so far I hadn’t seen anyone that I knew… just how I like things. Then, I was trying to find a seat, but it was packed. This nice man, seriously nice, got up and let me have his seat (faith in humanity restored real quick). So I’m looking around at all the people… and then… up and to the left… was my 10th grade English teacher. Oh. My. Gosh.

You remember how I mentioned the whole ‘I was once severely suicidal’ thing? Well, that time of my life was in 10th grade. I HATED this man’s class. I had no friends, I was miserable, like this class was one of the reasons I was so depressed. That being said, me and this teacher had our quarrels. So, I see that he’s trying to discretely look at me, and so I pulled out the book I brought to read….

Ready for this? I brought Catcher in the Rye. I’m rereading it because *drum roll please* ……. I read it in 10th grade and ‘hated’ it, so I’m rereading it with an open mind…

10th grade. English. This teacher knew how much I hated the book… how did he know? Because we used to have to write journal entries in his class… and one I wrote about how much I hated the book, thought it was stupid, thought it was stupid that we had to read it, and that I hated the negative main character… My teacher’s response? “Are you sure you’re not more like Holden Caulfield than you think?” ¬†and at the time I was like “OH SCREWWWWWW YOU, MR. WHITTAKER.”

So anyway, I pull out this FREAKING book and here’s my 10th grade English teacher… My life is a joke. I could feel 10th grade me shitting herself.

I’ve never walked faster to get OUT of a room.

So that’s been my day. Ridiculous, as always. With my luck, we’re probably on the same panel and I’ll have to see him even more.. He was probably surprised to see that I’m not dead ha ha… that’s not funny, but it kinda is to me.

Anyway. I was high a lot this weekend and now I’m planning an overnighter for our youth group (did I tell you my fiance and I are youth leaders? If I didn’t, now you know). I don’t know why they’re trusting us with about 10 young lives for a whole night… but we’ll see how it goes.

Happy Tuesday!